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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Deputy Cutie FTU

Click on image to view full size

Deputy Cutie was written by me Punky Butts

Any other similarity is purely coincidental
and was done in psp 9 Any other versions should work
This tutorial was written for those
that have working knowledge of psp

Tools and Supplies Needed

● PSP ●

● Eyecandy - gradient glow and shadow lab
I used eyecandy 4000

● Leather Obsession ● By Scraps Dimensions FTU

You can find that HERE

● Font of choice ●

● Template 13 ● Melissaz Creationz
look on the far right hand side under her T.O.U
under zip files it is Templates 1 - 20
be sure to leave her some love ♥

You can find HERE

● Tube of choice ●
I used the art by Keith Garvey
you will need to purchase a license to use this art
you must not use the same image in the tutorial
unless you have the appropriate
artist license to do so
Keith Garvey can now be purchased at his Store Garv Girls PSP Tubes

You can find that HERE

♥ Ready Let's Start ♥

(1) Open PSP

(2) Open Template
Windows duplicate close the original ( shift + D )

(3) Highlight the bottom layer
layers new raster layer
image - canvas size 600x600 pixels
flood fill white send to bottom

(4) Highlight raster 3
selections - select all - float - defloat
layers - new raster layer
copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer
selections - invert - hit delete on your keypad
rename this layer circle
delete the original raster 3 template layer
keep selected layers new raster layer

(5) Open wires of choice from kit
minimize the wires
on your materials palette
click on the foreground
select pattern find the wires
settings - Angle 0 scale 50
highlight the circle layer
flood fill the new raster layer
selections select none

(6) Highlight raster 1
selections - select all - float - defloat
layers - new raster layer
copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer
selections - invert - hit delete on your keypad
add a gradient glow eyecandy 4000
click on the basic tab select Fat
color of choice ok
add shadow lab eyecandy 4000
color black
Delete the original raster 1 layer

(7) Repeat steps above
for the rest of the template layers

(8) Open tube of choice
copy and paste tube as a new layer
position where desired resize as needed
add drop shadow of choice

(9) Highlight one of the small squares
selections - select all - float - defloat
copy and paste tube as a new layer
resize so it fits nicely within the square
selections - invert - hit delete on your keypad
repeat for the other square
colorize the tubes in the squares if desired

(10) Add any elements of choice from kit
resize as needed resampling ( Bicubic )
sharpen add drop shadow

(11) Crop Tag / resize your tag

(12) Add your name and credits
delete the white background if you want a transparent tag
save as png and you are done :)

Thank you for doing my tutorial
Hugz xx Punky Butts xx


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